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Citizen Service

Trainings we offer you

The six-month Citizen Service will also give you the opportunity to improve your skills and knowledge, and to learn about your rights and duties as a citizen. You will meet political representatives, receive a first aid training course delivered by the Red Cross, learn how to provide care to disabled people, attend training courses on ecology, and much more!

The trainings

Citizenship training

Your Citizen Service will start with an 'Integration Week', consisting in four days during which you will meet your youth supervisors and get acquainted with the young people starting their Citizen Service at the same time as you. This is probably the best way to form a cohesive group!

In the following months, you will take part in a variety of training courses and activities: you will attend political rallies where you will meet political representatives and ask them questions about current issues, visit the European institutions, learn about interculturality, responsible consumption, disabilities and intergenerational relations, and many other things.

You will also attend a first aid training course in order to obtain the European First Aid Certificate (EFAC) delivered by the Red Cross.

Group projects

Citizenship and commitment are not just individual matters! During your Citizen Service, you will take part in a number of group projects together with the other young volunteers. 

Among many other things, you will take part in sports activities along with disabled people during the ‘Osons le sport ensemble’ (Let’s play sport together) event, help out the ‘Fauteuils Volants’ (Flying chairs) organization during their holiday camp, lend a hand in a natural reserve and contribute to protecting natural resources, attend international seminars and meet other young Europeans engaged in similar programmes.

Volunteering for society and learning, that's what the #CitizenService is all about.

Sharing, assessment and summary

Time will be set aside so that you can share your views, experiences or concerns with the others, and discuss a wide range of issues including your goals, your expectations, and the challenges you faced during your mission or in other aspects of your life.

Your Citizen Service will end with a two-day residential retrospective assessment of your experience and how you benefited from it in terms of citizenship.

Growing and planning your future

So you devote six months to your Citizen Service, but what comes next? Reflecting on your plans for the future, exploring your possibilities in terms of training or employment, and preparing for what comes after your Citizen Service and for the labour market is essential to your future. That is why time has been set aside to discuss these issues and to allow you to plan your future in the best possible way.

Individual follow-up

The six months you devote to your Citizen Service are also an opportunity to reflect on your past experiences and to make plans for your future. A member of our staff will follow up with you for continuous guidance and support, and will help you face the challenges you might encounter during your Citizen Service or in your everyday life. To make sure you live the most rewarding and enriching experience, feel free to turn to them if you need any advice or help on administrative, social, legal or psychological issues.