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Citizen Service

To do a Citizen Service

Your Citizen Service is centered around your main mission. You will commit to it full-time, four days a week, for a six-month period.

Your project?

During your Citizen Service, you will commit yourself to your main project. You will perform it four days a week on a full-time basis for the entire duration of the programme.

You will carry out your project at one of our host organizations. You will become part of their team and your tutor, who is the person you can turn to whenever you need, will make sure that you are able to fulfill your project with confidence.

The Citizen Service Network offers you a wide range of possibilities: you can pick from over 700 projects in the fields of (social) care, culture, education, the environment and sport.

In addition, you will take part in an additional project, in a different field than your main project. It will give you the opportunity to discover new possibilities. To that end, you will also participate in a short exchange in another linguistic community, where some activities will take place in one of the other national languages of Belgium.

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