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Citizen Service

What is the Citizen Service?

The Citizen Service is a 6-month programme that gives young people the opportunity to commit themselves to solidarity-minded projects.

Through your commitment to helping others, the programme aims at reaching the following goals: building up your self-confidence, making you feel useful, helping you settle into a regular rhythm, giving your life more structure, and helping you build your own future. In short, we hope that your Citizen Service will give your life more meaning and enable you to find your place in society.

The Citizen Service is an opportunity for you to develop personal, professional and civic skills. The programme is centered on solidarity, friendliness, inclusive culture and embracing diversity, emancipation, learning through experience, social engagement and mobilization.

How is the programme organized?

You will spend 80% of your time carrying out your mission, the remaining 20% will be devoted to training, personal growth, defining your plans for the future and sharing with other young volunteers.

What to expect from your Citizen Service?

- You will meet many young people from different backgrounds
- You will gain a lot of experience thanks to your mission and various training courses.
- You will take on responsibilities.
- You get to join a team

What's in it for you?

- You get to follow a first aid course and obtain the Red Cross' European First Aid Certificate (EFAC).
- You receive a compensation of 10 euros a day.
- We will make sure you're insured.
- We also take your expenses for our account.
- At the end of your Citizen Service, you receive an official certificate.

How can you get involved?

1.   Contact us by phone: 02 256 32 44, or by email: We will arrange an appointment to give you more information about the Citizen Service programme.

2.   Choose three missions that you would like to carry out during your Citizen Service. You can find a list of missions here. If you can’t use the internet and read about it online, there’s no need to worry : we will give you all the information you need during our first appointment.

3.     Download the application form or make an appointment with one of the Citizen Service’s tutors who will help you fill it out.

4.    Complete the application form and return it by email to or by mail to the following address : Service Citoyen, Rue du Marteau 21, 1000 Bruxelles.

Your Citizen Service will start with a 4-day integration week, near Brussels or in Wallonia, during which you will get acquainted with the young people starting their Citizen Service at the same time as you, and the tutors who will guide you through it.

It's that easy to start your Citizen Service. Now it’s up to you to get involved!